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I’ve written about where I write or where I’d like to write but this week I’ve become stuck on when to write. You might think it’s writer’s nirvana to have such a fluid schedule but, for me, it’s not. I’m finding that I’m one of those people who accomplish much more when I only have 3 hours to get it all done. Too much time and I procrastinate, lollygag, shilly-shally, fritter, you name it. Anything but plant my butt in the chair and write.

I’ve gotten it into my head that a schedule is a good thing so I’ve been trying to come up with a set time as opposed to 'when the mood strikes' (which is usually in the car or anyplace with no writing implements). At first it was mornings but as I do have someplace to be most mornings that hasn’t worked out (thereby refuting my pressure theory). Currently, I’m working on the pre-dinner hour but am finding my mind too entrenched in the day’s events and thoughts of what I need to do tomorrow to let go and get creative. Or often I feel ‘dry’ at that time of day. This leaves me with night-time which sounds good except night-time is the only time I have to spend with J and then I go to bed and read. Taking my laptop to bed is not a leap I want to make and my handwriting, well, let’s just say that’s not going to happen.
Enough about me. 

When do you write? Indulge me and share your best writing time. I’d also love to know: do you have a set schedule? Do you set goals of words or pages or time? Or does it happen when it happens?


  1. Now I'm going to be kind of a witch and say that yes, I wish I had the flexibility to write what I want when I want. With work, I basically have a window at home of 6-9 pm that I hope inspiration strikes. If I want to do other things--like not be on the computer, a place I'm stuck all day--then that window is even smaller. (I admit that sometimes I do write at work though, as it's not always super busy and I get the urge. I'm lucky with that.)

    However, I also know that having the time doesn't mean you have the inspiration. Ideas don't come just because you schedule them, at least for me. That's why I never schedule a certain amount of time to just write. I don't do fiction, so it would end up being like a journal. Meh. But I will say that if I have an idea, it helps to just write and get the ideas out--no editing, no worrying about it being coherent, etc. It's not a time limit, but rather just writing without worrying about perfection.

    That ramble said, I wish I had the time to do that more ;)

  2. When I wrote my four novels, it took me around three months to complete each rough draft, and then years (like 10 to revise them). I used to write all day every day, but those days are gone. I write in my journal first thing each morning, and devote Mondays and Tuesdays to revisions of my manuscripts. Thursdays are for blog posts and yard work. Fridays for critique groups and catching up on errands, etc. Wednesdays for business book work, banking, groceries. That said, I carry index cards or a tablet and pen with me where ever I go. Especially during walks. Ideas come from out of no where. Got to get them down!

  3. Abby- I'm with you on the spontaneous writing. If somethign comes to me and I can onyl get 3 words of it down I'll do that and hope to return later. And you are witchy.

    Margaret- you're so organized! I'm wildly impressed. I'm trying because to have the imposed discipline of an 8 hour workday and then lose it is very confusing. Maybe in getting the mundane better organized I'll find the creativity flows more easily. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. --I do not have a set time.

    I feel as if I write all day long inside my head. -Continually thinking about content, idea, poetry, experiences, dialogue...

    I remember a story about a famous author (can't remember who) but he and his wife were at a dinner party and he was very quiet. His wife looked at the other quests and said, "Don't mind him; he's writing."

    That's sorta what I do.

    Great question...

  5. I write on weekends or when I get home from work. I did try to write (by hand!) at lunch the other day, and might try to do that more often. The problem is that I then have to type it into my blog.

    Interesting question. I like the idea of writing every morning with my coffee but that never happens...

  6. I write in the mornings first thing, but that's a rambling journal. My most productive time is in the afternoon. Not sure why. I've also found the middle of the night when I can't sleep, excellent. There's something very freeing about the complete silence.
    But as long as you do it, that's what matters.

  7. Popping in from WOE weekend linky.
    I don't really have a set time. I can write any time of day/night.
    I think the main thing is to be consistent, to write every day, as far as possible, even if it's only a 10-minute ee-writing exercise.
    Nice to meet you. *waves*

  8. I'm usually writing something at all times of the day, or when I'm not writing, there is often a thought in my head. These are often inconvenient moments when i cant write, so by the time I am, I get stuck too.

    It's a practice. It starts by taking 5 minutes and just sitting and writing. Sometimes I need to do a "brain dump" to get rid of all the chatter rolling around in my head before I can focus on the task at hand.

  9. I love what you wrote about a schedule- and the need for one! There are some times that I'm so productive with an hour or two on my hands and other times -sigh- not so much.

    Late at night is my best time- after everyone's gone to bed. Early morning is the same- before everyone's up. But I only last so long writing at these times before I need sleep and lots of it!

    Love the question that you posed!


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