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If you’re a believer that one’s surroundings impact their state of mind then this space explains a lot. I don’t have an office in our house. I have a lovely little room that is a sanctuary for reading but it’s so small there is no room for a desk. Thus, the dining room table is my writing space. Oddly, I’m not bothered by this. I face our small front porch which allows me to see the Japanese maple on our front lawn dancing when the wind blows but also lets me indulge the Mrs. Kravitz side of my personality by keeping track of all the goings-on in our neighborhood (and there are plenty, let me tell you).

Here are some marvelously divergent places that would be wonderful for different kinds of writing.

Modern non-fiction

Chris Bohjalian type New England stories

Great dramas with a focus on the structure

Gothic, horror, tragedy -what else?!

British literature, dahling

Forget writing- I want to live here

I’d like to hear where you write. Is it in your home? Is it a wide open space? A kitchen table? Pristine? Cluttered? Do you sit inside or outside? Do you do best with visual stimulation or prefer a blank wall? Share please!


  1. I love this. I had a writer friend do something similar last year where she collected these images of famous classic writers and where they did most of their work. Some were fancy like the images you included, and some were little crap holes.

    As for me, I also have an "office" that I don't use as such. Most of my writing is done on my couch with my computer on my lap (here's a link to a post that shows said couch http://abbyhasissues.com/2011/02/02/home-work/). Professional, I know. Sometimes I sit in my dining room, as it faces directly out glass doors into my backyard/garden. I love the light in there, but the chair hurt my skinny ass and the squirrels distract me ;) Depends on the day.

  2. Love the New England cabin ... that would be me, right next to the lake.
    I have a room. It's built into our roof space, so it has angled ceilings, and a juliette balcony. The front window faces the street and our neighbour's house, and distant hills. It's pretty messy ... I rarely have time to write, so cleaning the space is always low on my priorities. It's messy like autumn leaves, not yuck messy. I think it helps creativity.
    At the moment I am writing on the couch. Some days you take what you can get.

  3. Those are some amazing places to write! I currently have an area set up in our bedroom, but it's cramped so I spend half my time in the living room getting laptop lines on my legs.

    My dream writing place is a four-seasons room that extends off our bedroom and overlooks the back yard.

    Some day!

  4. Hello, I found you through this weekend's link up on TRDC and am now a follower. I write on my daybed/bed (built for me by my sweetie), with my legs outstretched(a must),my net book on my lap and the picture window before me. This way I can stare off into the forest while I daydream between sentences. This is my favorite place to be :)

  5. I can write anywhere, noisy or quiet. When I was single (with roommates) I'd go to a coffee shop and write in my journal for hours. I need to get a real desk because my set up at home is really bad for my wrists/shoulder etc.

    In the winter, I sit with my laptop in the living room near the fireplace. Here's a link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/toddmecklem/5108340860/

    If it's not raining I'll sit out on our covered patio. I love hearing the birds and smelling the grass; it's very peaceful.

    I love the last little house - looks like an adult tree house!

  6. I would be inspired to write in the first and third places shown on your photos.

    I have not written anything creative in quite sometime. Summer's my fallow period. In the fall, I hope to sit in my sunny kitchen table and pick it up again.

    I used to feel tremendous guilt for not keeping a regular writing schedule but these days I'm learning to be kinder to myself. I alternate that with hitting something; thus boxing.

    I am using my non-writing time to actually see RL people, to observe them, and more importantly to experience life so I won't feel deprived of their company once I escape into the imaginary world of writing.

    Sorry for the dissertation.

  7. Love how you paired the architecture with the type of story -- that is so something I would do, too!

    From these choice I'll take the modern non-fiction cottage by the water ... and it just so happens I'm working on some modern non-fiction of my own. Although to be honest the only thing I really need to work on it is my laptop, in any room, desk, patio chair or sofa available.


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