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I’ve opined on how changing my location would give me the impetus to write my award winning novel and while it would still be fun I’m casting my eye closer to home. Namely, our patio. The weather in Seattle is in full summertime glory and it feels so wrong to be inside- especially after dinner as the sun starts to set. We have no bugs at all so it is possible to sit outside for hours without anything more annoying than the neighbor's neurotic dog barking at itself.

Unfortunately, we’ve already spent as much money on remodeling. So, while the plant life is happily in place we have no furniture. Therefore today is merely window shopping. You know, the if-I-had-no-budget-and-lots-of-land school of fantasy.

Anything you're dreaming about for your backyard?

Images from Cottage Living, Sunset, House Beautiful, and Favim.


  1. Oh, My Goodness,
    the last photo is FABULOUS. Yes! That is exsactly what I want. Now I shall get another job :)
    stopping over from LBS. Loved your ideas.

  2. Wow, these pics are amazing. I wished I had such a view from my house.
    We have a nice little patio, though, with a little play of water and some really nice plants, so I can't complain... :) Stopping by from the LBS, by the way. Have a great weekend!

  3. You had me at "no bugs." Seriously? Could Portland get any more picturesque?

    My next outdoor project is to powerwash and restain my deck, and I could stand to get more comfortable outdoor furniture. The set I have came with the house and I'm too cheap to buy new stuff. However, what would make my backyard oasis perfect would be if my neighbor lady would move. Anywhere. She's the chainsmoking, crazy loud hacking-into-her-bushes, drinking all the time witch and she ruins my chi. It's not peaceful when she's out.

  4. I would love to spend more time on my front porch. But the bugs in the summer want that too, so they can eat me alive. I started fantasizing about building a screened-in porch in back, but we would need a special permit from the county due to setbacks. Not very likely. Bummer. Maybe we should just move to Portland?

  5. Any of the above photos would do fine, otherwise a hammock and unending supply of sunscreen.

  6. That last one please! If you find yourself thinking about doing a serious backyard renovation you should visit The Sportsman's Guide. My husband has been buying fishing gear from them for a few years, but last year we picked up a few things for our patio and backyard from their Lawn/Patio section. We got a full 5 piece set with an umbrella and some solar lights and we only spent around $600 dollars. Hope this helps! Good luck and I hope you enjoy your backyard :)


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