Brace(let) Yourself

As you know I recently embraced the large floral ring trend thanks to my fashionable sister-in-law but when it comes to jewelry multiple rings are not really my thing (for which my husband’s wallet is grateful). Maybe because I don’t pay a lot of attention to my hands; I don’t get manicures or spend hours shaping my nails into perfect ovals. They’re clean and that’s about as far as I’ll go.

For a number of reasons bracelets are more interesting. One, it may be an outdated fashion rule, but I don’t like my glasses and earrings to clash so I stick largely with silver, gold, and copper earrings. Anything too big also feels odd as if there is simply too much going on around my face. Two, another personal preference, necklace and earrings should, to some degree, match. OK, you’ve now decided I’m one of those matchy-matchy people, which I’m really not except when it comes to jewelry. I would have been so happy in the old days when they made sets of everything and you got a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and if you were really rich, a tiara. All the work done for you!

Earlier this year I indulged my bracelet love with the purchase below (after almost two years of looking at cuff bracelets- I was so ahead of this trend) but instead of being satisfied I’ve continued bookmarking images of other lovelies I’d like to own. It might be because I’m actually contemplating showing my wrists after a long winter and damp chilly seemingly unending spring. Mind you, I did not say arms. We have yet to hit above 60 degrees for more than 3 days so I’m simply considering layering and ¾ length sleeves.

Anthropologie, $38

Here are few of my favorites.

Energy Muse makes beautiful intention-based jewelry. Each stone is carefully chosen for its spiritual properties and each piece arrives with a detailed scroll explaining how it was made. You can choose to believe or not but I find them inspiring and like to feel that I am getting a little extra help when I need it!

Prosperity                                   Transformation

Mandy Allen Metal Arts- anodized aluminum, light and fun for summer

When (if) I want to splurge Carelle makes gorgeous, colorful pieces. On my wish list...
18kt gold w/ rhodolite and diamonds

Love the color and fun of these

What category of jewelry most attracts you? Or does jewelry leave you cold?