Royal Wedding Game Plan

image from Loop Flowers

Because I believe in being a girl with a plan I’ve approached this event with much care. Starting on Monday I scanned the TV guide and judiciously chose for recording only those programs that looked interesting and not too schlocky. By this morning I realized we were going to run out of DVR space so have surrepetitiously deleted anything J recorded from the Military channel (it’s called priorities, people). Am pretty sure I can rely on his notoriously bad memory to pull this off plus I am allowing him to record 2 episodes of Dual Survivors tomorrow night (don’t ask).

The wedding itself will start at 3am PDT but BBC America has programming for the event starting at midnight and going until noon tomorrow. Given my newfound status as unemployed sloth this could seriously cut into my sleeping hours and adjustments have been made.

Here’s what I’ve got:

v Power nap 6-7pm tonight
v Dinner (one glass of wine only) 8:30-9:30pm tonight
v Event prep (snacks, beverages, pillows, blanket, remote, telephone organization) 9-11:59pm tonight
v Complete immersion (with intermittent phone calls to likeminded friends) 12-?am Friday

Let’s be honest, unless the BBC will be broadcasting the reception and after party I’ve seen enough weddings in my life. And who are we kidding, ladies? All I care about is the dress. Once I’ve seen it from 360° and checked out the flowers, bridesmaids, and interesting dignitaries’ outfits i.e. Victoria Beckham (who’s been quite camera shy while pregnant) I will most likely shut it down.

What will you be doing? And don’t be a cynical grouch- it’s something to be happy and silly about that will not happen again in the near future. We could all use a little of that in these trying times…


  1. Posh's hat is stunning. How is it staying on?

  2. Agreed but overall she looks tired and the dress is way too shapeless for her- as if she's in denial about being pregnant.

  3. You should have been planning the Royal Wedding you were so darn organised! I hope you enjoyed it even more than you hoped for!! Loved the 'total immersion' bit. x

  4. I like your style. The power nap is vital to maintaining one's composure for checking out all the vitals: dress, bridesmaids, Posh & Becks. Fantastic.
    Visiting from The Fibro.

  5. @Maxabella- at the very least I should have been doing color commentary because I was better than most of the announcers I watched. Plus I pegged the Grace Kelly look 10 mins after I saw the dress! :) I LOVED the whole thing...

    @therhythmmethod- the power nap worked up to a point and then it was dark chocolate w/espresso beans. I don't drink coffee so the caffeine from the beans had me jumping! OK, plus the excitement!

  6. Love your plan! Also glad it all worked out for you. As Maxabella says, I'd put you in charge of the next wedding.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.


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