Around Seattle: Ballard Farmer's Market

A gorgeous sunny day to welcome my brother and his family on their first trip to Seattle.

Is there anything more effective than company coming to town to make you a) clean your house and b) see more of the city where you live? For me, apparently not because my family coming to visit meant that not only are the tops of my kitchen cabinets dust free, but I also saw more of Seattle in four days than I had in four years. And, aside from navigating the hell that is Seattle traffic with 3 people asking me, “What’s that? And that?”, it was a BLAST. 

We started with the Ballard Farmer’s Market, which felt less farm-y and more global food fair and tchotchke market. I guess I’ve already entered the winnowing phase of life but while I love looking at tiny ceramic bowls, hand carved wood boxes, snarky refrigerator magnets and tea towels I ultimately think, ‘What would I do with this?’ and then I’m just tired.

First things first and that means food. For me, there's no question if crepes are an option. I have no photo to share of my delicious egg, ham, spinach, and Brie crepe because I ate it so fast. Next time? The sweet crepe options.

Nothing but grilled veggie goodness (and a little cheese) in these quesadillas.

 These soaps smell good enough to eat. They may not be edible, but they are good for your skin with lots of Vitamin A and AHA. All from goat's milk- no synthetic ingredients.

 I'm trying to get healthier with my diet, but my love of sweets gets in the way. I've started replacing white sugar in my baking recipes with honey and maple syrup. Yes, it's still sugar, but with a lot less processing. Plus, local honey is supposed to help with allergies. I bought two jars so we'll see.

After all the walking, we needed a break so stopped into Miro Tea and I fell in love with this living wall art. Vibrant but soft- and cleaning the air. Fabulous!

Still more adventures to come. Check back later in the week and see other Seattle hot spots we explored.