Orcas Island Nature Up-Close

From the sidewalk the dark green leaves of this shrub were all you saw. Only when I got right up to it, did I find these tiny white flowers. In January.

Fabulous food aside, there was so much beauty to Orcas Island. When we weren't eating, we traveled the island and I took so many pictures one post won't do. Today it's all about nature up-close. I love beautiful things, but also appreciate how unconventional things can have their own lovely beauty. How looking from a different angle or from within inches can change your perception completely. And how wonderful imagination can be. No internet, social media, phone, or even book to entertain, just my own mind.

A boring, old, whitewashed stone wall, but then...

What could be the living room for tiny fairies, with a soft moss carpet and artfully arranged seating.

A gnarled, old tree listing to the side on the edge of a beach?

Or some great squid unfurling its tentacles.

And something that was marvelous no matter how you looked at it. A wooly mammoth? The remains of an ancient cannon made from stone and tree?

Closer and from the side:  some kind of cairn or rock portal for tiny creatures to move between one forest world and the other.