Monday, September 28, 2015

Renovation Wrap-up: The Kitchen

This is long overdue but rather than waste time on apologizing for why it's taken me so long to post these photos let's get right to it. 

Remember this gem? Oh, I know, cheery yellow, tiled countertops, tiny drawers  and parquet floors were the rage in the late 1950s but with the exception of the appliances nothing in this kitchen had changed since then. 

Let's break it down (which we did- literally):

This one is almost too easy- the transformation. It was a wall with a fridge plugged in, blocking the patio door. Thanks to my generosity, we broke through the wall behind the fridge, eliminating one of the closets in my office and created the space for the fridge, oven, microwave, pantry and storage.

An electric cooktop and minimal hood became Mr. G's dream gas cooktop and a hood vent so strong it will pull the hair off your head. He's happy so I'm happy.

Poor old ratty porcelain sink and rotted countertop. Now we have dual stainless steel sinks with these fabulous removable grids that stand on rubber feet and help protect the sinks from getting overly scratched.

Here's the big news: painted wood is actually more 'in' than natural wood right now. But for us, we wanted a more modern feel so stuck with a midcentury favorite (fir) and kept it natural.

 One of the big pictures- from demo to finish. The space didn't actually increase at all but the use of it did. A better layout, and extending the counter but not the cabinets above it means we have more storage but still have an open feel.

This was our kitchen...

This IS our kitchen! It wasn't an easy trek but we made it to the finish line and now have this great new kitchen to cook in.

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