Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Around Seattle: Pike Place Market

It’s been almost a month without any updates on the house and for that I’m sorry. For all intents and purposes the renovation is over and we are living in our home but things did not go as planned and it’s taking me longer than I thought to get to a place where I want to write about it. Needless to say, it did not go as we expected it to go, but I promise to get back to all that next week. It’s just been quite overwhelming. Instead, I thought I’d go with a more fun touristy post because my mother was here last week for her first trip to Seattle. We did all the kinds of things you hear about when you hear Seattle. It was a lot of walking but a lot of fun, especially because we had absolutely perfect weather. First stop was the world famous Pike Place Market.

Of course I have to start out with a fish photo because that is what this market is known for. This is the fish counter where the workers throw entire salmon back and forth to each other but we missed that show.

 The rainy climate here has one very definite benefit- lots and lots of gorgeous flowers. We saw stall after stall of bouquets like this and they're only $10 each. At those prices you could have  fresh flowers in your home every week for less than your Starbucks fix.

The rest of this post could be nothing but fresh flowers because they are all so exquisite but I'm going to refrain except for this dahlia. Because really, who can resist such beauty?

And once you get these gorgeous flowers home you can't put them in any old vase. I loved these stained glass holders. Imagine how pretty they'd be in front of a window- the beauty of the flower and the sun shining through the glass.

And if you're allergic to real flowers, these adorable flowers are ceramic! The pots, the 'dirt', everything is sculpted from clay and painted. The detail up close is amazing.

No matter where you turn this time of year, there is color at the market. Flowers, fabrics, fruits, and even peppers.

Do you have a local market you like to visit? If so, what's in season in your neck of the woods and what's your favorite thing to buy?

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