Monday, August 3, 2015

Kitchen Update

The good news is things continue to move along without anymore mishaps (unless you count Mr. G gouging the paint in his office while moving his desk in- and is it bad that I'm glad he did the first damage, not me?). The wrong grout was removed and the new grout went in and it is EXACTLY what we had envisioned. Standing our ground was not easy but the contractor acknowledged the mistake and had it fixed.

This may not look like much to you but the concentrated color in the accent glass was what we wanted. With the white grout, all I saw was the white. 

Onward to new things. I thought I'd share a little bit of some of the new options that exist for virtually every kitchen problem. For us, we have a very tight U-shape to our kitchen. This means that in the two corners, getting use out of the cabinets is almost impossible. I'm sure you have similar spaces, but here's what I'm talking about in our kitchen.

 It all looks so sleek and clean, but the edge of the dishwasher meets the corner of the opposing cabinets meaning...

 The cabinet door cannot even be fully opened unless the dishwasher is fully closed. Even then, without inserts, this cabinet would be almost completely unusable as shelves would have to extend back inside out of reach. There was no way around this in designing a kitchen using our available space.

Enter the world of kitchen storage innovation! Not one but two swivel-hinged half-moon shelves. When closed they fit into and use the majority of available space in this odd-shaped cabinet. When pulled out...

Voila! How slick is that? Even better- they hold up to 100 lbs, meaning that the top one can easily handle my mixer and our food processor.

We have two cabinets like this, so we have four of these shelves. The scary part of this is: if you like gadgets and innovation you can fall down a storage rabbit-hole by going to: Rev-A-Shelf. They have the greatest storage tools out there. And not just for kitchens but for every room of the house. If we had been budget-free, I'd still be ordering from them.

What are the tough spots in your kitchen? How do you make them work?

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