Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Things

I ended on such a low Friday- thank you for putting up with me. Suffice it to say, renovation is not my thing and not something I'd recommend for anyone with a budget and nowhere else to stay until their house is finished.

Thankfully, I'm adjusting and while the backyard still makes me sad, this weekend was a turning point for the inside of the house. Yes, the backsplash has to be fixed but that has been scheduled: a grout expert (or the contractor's cousin- how would I know the difference?!) will be digging out the existing grout and replacing it with the correct color- with the provision that if any of the tiles are damaged in the process they will be replaced. This is as realistic a solution as possible. Tearing out the tile would mean tearing out the walls and the time and waste would be extreme.

The good news: all of the major interior work has been finished so we were told we could start unpacking. !!!!!!!!!! It may not seem like much, but to finally be able to move into our home is mind-boggling. Let's look at some of the new stuff!

 The hall railing


 The fireplace and hearth- completed

I know, they're just doors, but they're the new doors to the closet in my room. Yah!

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