Monday, June 8, 2015

New Week, New Decisions

The house has passed well beyond the tearing down stages and and is now almost constantly moving towards being built back up. I know I’ve shown pictures before but it is such a lovely thing to see- wood floors. Last week the flooring company was here and they filled in with new oak all the spots that needed it either because there was stone there (like the front hall) or a wall (inside the closets). Now there is fresh new wood just waiting for us to pick a stain.

All new wood in the hall and where the old fireplace was. Only problem? They were not supposed to put it all the way to the front door as the plans called for a tiled entry way. This is good news for me because I prefer the look of all wood but if we want to go with the tile the contractor will fix it for no extra cost. What do you think?

This is our new walk-in closet. Which used to be the garage.

They finally removed the carpet in the master bedroom. Isn't the floor gorgeous?! It's even got its original polish. I almost like this color as it is. Beautiful.

Here are the two stains we choose at Home Depot. Mr. G prefers the one on the left and I prefer the one on the red (which is bit more reddish in person). 

Time to weigh in- what kind of color would you prefer on your wood floors? The color options these days are endless- we even saw a navy stain (like this font) that looked kind of cool. Do you like lighter or darker floors?

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