Thursday, June 4, 2015

Falling Behind on Catching Up

I’m sorry to have gone silent for the last little while but it’s a time with a lot going on but little to show for it, in that things have been ordered but are not here yet. We did choose a tile after much running around on my part (I actually got to be the 1950s housewife who shows up at her husband’s office so he can look at home items) and did opt to go with custom made cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms. I simply could not find anything pre-made that worked  and I get how spoiled that may sound but when we balanced the additional cost versus settling for something we really didn’t like it was worth it.

While I don't have anything finished to show here are samples of what we've chosen so far:

 This is the granite for the kitchen countertops. It comes up grey but the veins are actually a very dark green. The slab we purchased (yes, you buy a slab!) has a beige cloud in one corner which is not my favorite but Mr. G thought it was interesting. Plus, I just could not take looking anymore!

This is our floor tile and the wood being used for our cabinets and bathroom vanities. It's a variety of fir. The floor tile is one I mentioned in an earlier post and is a dark grey-green- not the blue-ish color it looks here.

A better view of the tiles- actually in the master bathroom!

Coming up next week: the old floors will be sanded and then we need to choose a new stain. This should be interesting because Mr. G is thinking a dark color and I'm thinking 'No'.

I'm usually the cynic and a doubter but I am so happy to be proven wrong about what lies beneath carpet in an old home. On the left is the living room floor which did not have carpet and on the right is the hall, which did. Look how lovely the oak on the right is because it was protected. I like the color it is, maybe just a shade darker.

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