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On Friday I was a real downer so today it’s time to rally. Yes, the pressure is still on but when it comes to tile the choices have been made and thanks to the help of a was FUN! And in case you're wondering (because I was) a designer is different than a decorator. Yes, they can be the same person but each have very different functions. Basically, a designer works with hard surfaces (cabinets, floors, walls) and generally before a remodel is finished. A decorator often comes into existing homes or after a remodel is finished and specializes in soft surfaces--namely the fabrics found in window coverings, furniture, rugs.

Anyway, I met with one and she was great. She liked the choices we made so far then helped me knock out a whole lot of decisions. Finally, something to show for all the agita.

Final kitchen finishes (from the top): cabinets, accent mosaic and white tile for backsplash, floor tile, and countertop. 

Master bathroom (left to right): pebble shower floor tiles, white shower wall tiles and glass mosaic accent tiles, fir vanity wood, and quartz countertop.

Guest bath (left to right): same vanity, flooring, and countertop as master bath; slate-like porcelain tile for around tub with glass tile accent.


Moral of the story? Unless you have studied home design or decoration or are a design savant I would highly recommend making room in your budget for several hours with a professional. Get recommendations from people you trust and interview a couple. Once you find the right fit, they are invaluable. Kim asked all the right questions, listened, paid attention to my budget, and then using her expertise worked with me to find these looks I really love.