Friday, June 26, 2015

And the Kitchen Begins

This may be my last post for a little while. We move on Monday and then it's July 4th but the good news is the house still has lots of work to be done so there will be more photos to come. Yes, the schedule has been pushed out again and now the floors won't be finished until Saturday meaning we can't walk on them until Sunday at the earliest. This messes with our ability to move stuff in throughout the weekend but I'm simply not able to argue anymore.

Yesterday we met with the contractor at the house and got updates. Mostly, what I got was an education, so to add to your glossary of remodeling terms (and make you sound savvy when you next remodel):

Field tile- this is the background tile on a wall, the tile that covers the largest amount of space. The tile we don't have yet.

Schluter- GREAT word, right?! It's so versatile- it can sound either really angry or really happy. What it actually means is the metal strip that goes around the edge of a shower wall to cover the unfinished tile edge. All you see is the thin metal edge. You know, where you can never get the soap scum out. We don't have any yet and it has to be ordered so there is another delay. It looks like this:

Enough education. All of the cabinets have been finished and are being installed. First come the boxes, which are basically the frames. Drawers, shelves, and fronts will come later. Still, this was a happy day for Mr. G because it was so clear to see why custom cabinets can be worth the extra money.

These are the sides of two of the base cabinets. Mr. G said I had to photograph and show you all because the upper piece is an inner face but is still made of solid birch. As he said, "No one will ever see this wood again because it's hidden but I'll know how good it is."  The bottom portion is an outer face and is the coastal fir.

It's starting to take shape! All boxes in place with shelf hardware installed. 

We also met with the granite guy who laid out the templates he'll use to cut the granite to fit in the sinks and faucets. It was interesting to see how he'll take one slab of granite and, much like cutting out a dress pattern, will cut it into various pieces to fit our kitchen.

That's all for now. I'm heading over to the house to meet with the closet person to measure the master bedroom closet. I always thought I'd have a lot of opinions about this but, honestly, I'm so tired of decisions I'm going to trust the experts.

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