Friday, May 8, 2015

Met Gala 2015

Every year The Metropolitan Museum and Vogue magazine host a gala for the elite and by elite I mean anyone who can afford the $25,000 per person donation to the museum. I’ve reviewed previous years and apparently, it’s not an event in my fashion sweet spot because the last time I thought the attendees were well dressed was 2012. Last year, I went so far as to say the dresses made me wish I had plucked out my eyes. How do you come back from a disappointment of that magnitude and WHY did I even pay attention to the event this year? Call me a foolish fashion optimist. Because this year made last year look tasteful and elegant. The theme this year was China: Through the Looking Glass but unless China is populated with strippers and the looking glass refers to a fantastical world of bad taste then fully 95% of the attendees missed the fashion mark. 

All right, let's ease into this with Rihanna. I don't love this but I understand it. This shade of yellow is the color of the emperor and that combined with the opulence of the fabric makes a powerful statement. Which is what Rihanna does and it works. And that's about the last positive thing I have to say.

Anne Hathaway looking hideous and angry that she looks hideous. This dress looks ill fitting and badly made. Fire your stylist, Anne.

Words fail me. I'm not kidding, this is such a hot mess I have no words.

Hard to believe Beyonce could look worse than she did last year but here we have it. I get you have a bangin' bod, Bey, but this is tacky despite whatever that hand beading cost. This dress would have been exquisite with a nude lining but instead it screams NO CLASS. 

The fact that I'm even including Miley Cyrus AND that she is understated compared to the majority of the other women is a sad reflection on fashion. Or a sign of the apocalypse.

Once again, Helen Mirren saves the day. Age appropriate and classy. Perfect hair and make-up...she gets it. Beyonce, you wish you looked this good.

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