Friday, May 15, 2015

Bathrooms: All is Vanity

The rooms are getting framed and the push is on to make decisions fast. Normally, I’m fine with that but in making home decisions there are two problems. Unlike going to a store and looking at shoes, there is no store with a large selection of home options. I know, you’re screaming Home Depot right now and you’re partially right but when it comes to bathroom vanities 90% of their stock is only visible online. And while I can waste time online with the best of them, looking at photos of items costing $1,000+ does not inspire confidence in knowing what youre getting. It’s one thing if a pair of shoes turns out to be cadet blue not navy (this can happen) but if you want a medium brown reddish wood because it needs to go with the tile floor and it shows up and is yellowish brown, you’re stuck. Not to mention having no way to test quality online.

The second problem is just as agita-inducing. Mr. G was put on the spot to get the kitchen appliances picked out in a hurry and it was tough, but all he had to do was pick by size and type because the only finish we wanted was stainless steel. He didn’t have to consider anything else. I have to think about matching the counters, the walls, the floors, the hardware. I have no help with this and as mentioned above- if I’m wrong it’s a much bigger and more permanent mistake than a poor color choice in shoes.

If all this isnt bad enough there is the fact that apparently, home components are like fashionthey go in and out of style and right now what is in style is not a look I like. Lets check it out.

This is THE big look in bathrooms right now. Not just the mahogany vanity but the white quartz countertop and vessel sink. I am not exaggerating to say we saw this in the majority of new homes we looked at. I like the style and shape of the vanity but not the color combo. 

 Another popular look. This one I don't get and I don't like. Grey wood just seems odd and a black countertop? It's all too bleak and who wants to feel drab in the bathroom. I want "serene".

White. Feels boring to me but it is everywhere- in bathrooms and kitchens and especially with a marble countertop for an all-white look. Blah

There you have it- my current dilemma. Despite these looks not working for me they are the popular looks in bathrooms right now.  So, do I settle for something in the style I like but a color I don't? Time is running out.

What kind of look would you like in your dream bathroom?

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