Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What Else is Gone

The demolition is starting to wrap up and the rebuilding is beginning. Before we move on here are of a few of the miscellaneous parts of the house that do not exist anymore.

You already knew the wall was gone (thanks to me!) but now...

so is the floor, which is a bit sad because it was nice slate and I would have given it to the salvage people, but unfortunately slate is very fragile and cannot be removed without breaking into pieces.

And the wall with the lovely gold flocked wallpaper?

Will soon become part of the guest bathroom and the entrance to Mr. G's office.

Then there was one of those things that happen when you buy an older home. The kitchen floor has an odd slope- not the entire floor, just one area near the patio doors. The problem is that the concrete 'patio' also slopes- towards the the doors. Concerns that this could be causing the problem means we opted to remove the patio, even though it was not initially planned. It was so ugly here is the only photo I could find:

Remember our lovely falling down fence? It hides the lovely concrete slab described as a patio.

All the concrete, gone. Gone girl gone.

It's been a long haul but the last of the demo for now is done so check back on Friday to see the biggest change of all.

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