Monday, April 27, 2015

Three Closets into One

If you remember, one of the major drawbacks with the house was the whole master suite concept—there was none. That is starting to change and the most noticeable area is what will be the master closet. What we had was this: 

There is also a linen closet in the hall to the immediate right of the bedroom door.

My first baby efforts to turn two bedroom closets into one.

In case you forgot there was also this odd space in the garage that backs up into the closets in the master bedroom :

Now that space and the linen closet look like this.

And the view from the garage is now this!

 This would make getting out of bed and heading out easy, but not very secure. 

Looking inside out.

How important is closet space to you? If you had the closet of your dreams what would you fill it with?

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