Monday, April 13, 2015

The First Wall Comes Down

Big weekend at the house. After consulting with the contractor I decided it was time to tear down the wall. Not in Berlin, because its already down, but in the house. 

Remember this wall and the fact that it's not staying?

Even though I've been dismantling some drywall with my trusty hammer and crowbar, Mr. G felt it was time to up my game so he introduced me to their bigger, more powerful brothers:

My new best friends: a 2lb sledgehammer and an I-don't-know-what-it's-called  

With their help I got after it:

The first breakthrough- it's the fireplace on the other side!

Drywall down. The bad news is- it is SO dusty. The good news is that with the sledgehammer and leverage you get bigger pieces more quickly. I'm ready to take down every wall in the place.

Ta da! Wall all gone. I did it all by myself- after Mr. G made sure the power to those outlets was off. So, yes, I am now taking down studs. Wait, that doesn't sound right. OK, wall studs. Let's keep it clean, people.

Speaking of clean, this is not very. The battered remains of a wall. I did sweep up after I finished which makes Mr. G laugh because he says I have "no idea" how dusty and dirty the house is going to be for the next two months.

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