Friday, April 10, 2015


It’s been two weeks and I’ve been very good about posting all things related to home renovation but while the demo is nowhere near finished, I’m under pressure to make all kinds of other decisions. So, while I'd like to be looking at things like this: 

Oh so pretty!

I'm supposed to be looking at this:

How many kinds of door handles are there?

And while I'm supposed to be deciding which of these I'd like:

They're DOORS, why so many options? Fir or alder? Natural or painted? Flat or recessed panels?

I'd much rather be deciding which of these I'd like (forget that I can't afford any of them):

Whether or not I have anywhere to wear any of these is irrelevant; they're fabulous.

Truly, I had no idea the amount of decisions that would need to be made. It is exciting to be in control of exactly how your house is going to look but...hinges? Really?? I want them to work, to hold the door in place and make it open and close. Beyond that, how it 'looks' doesn't matter to me in the way that the right shoe does. It's called priorities. 

It's your turn: Are you more interested in style for yourself or for your home? 

Custom Copenhagen glass sink or Marchesa jeweled clutch?

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