Monday, April 20, 2015

Kitchen Demo: Almost Finished

As much as I hate to admit I can't do everything by myself I have to concede that sometimes a man and power tools are needed to really make a difference. Mr. G was at the house with me and while I took down the entry way wall he tackled the kitchen. Ill stop talking and let the photos tell the story.

Here is the kitchen after my efforts.

Mr. G in action. So much for the counters that I was told would take a professional to remove.

Seeing this level of water damage would be scary except that everything is coming out so it doesn't matter.

Suddenly, no counters and no sink.

Now, not only no sink or countertops...nothing left but the curtains.

The second side starts to come apart. 

And then:

And now even the wall is gone. The house is getting lighter and brighter all the time.

What it was...and what it is.

All that's left of the kitchen is the floor and some drywall and who knows how long that will last?

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