Reality Photos

It's not as bad as you might have thought! The two areas that really benefitted from the glamour shot school of real estate photography were the floors and the master bathroom.

The top is the reality...floors are not a reddish gold but a yellowish hue- which is ultimately good because it means they are oak and can be sanded, stained and refinished. This will be necessary because the second photo is what's left of a piece of packing tape that has been there so long it's almost ground into the grain of the wood. The last photo is what looks to be water damage- maybe from a large potted plant? 

I tipped my hand a bit with the master bathroom because I already told you that there is NO shower but based on the difference in the size of the counter and the room itself, the photographer in the real estate photo had to be standing IN the closet, using a panoramic lens to give even the illusion of size to this tiny bathroom.

I know I promised a post on our plans for the house but apparently architects are very touchy about their drawings appearing online so I can't even copy the plans to show them- even if I attributed them to the architect. I'm going to try and find a way around this for my next post but no matter what more fun  and photos lie ahead.