Going Inside: the Finale

To wrap up what our new house looks like here are the bathrooms and bedrooms. Bedrooms are pretty boring but the bathrooms sum up all that is colorful about midcentury interior design. 

Up nextour plans for the future.

Not too bad, right? The cabinets look like a nice wood. Except, this is it. A toilet and a sink in the master bedroom. The door, is a linen closet. Apparently, lifestyles were very different in the 50s because this will NOT cut it now.

So, this is where they put the master bathroom- in the hall, for the guests. It's a whole lotta pink! And wallpaper. 

Two views of the master bedroom. The windows are nice but the side one looks directly out on the neighbor's garage and garbage cans- not a view I want to keep. I'm really hoping we can replace the glass with something frosted. The door to the right goes to the tiny bathroom.

This is the second bedroom, soon to be known as "Catherine's room" because, yes, I need a room to read, write, pay bills, meditate, and do yoga. More beautiful, high gloss wood, right?! 
Across the hall is the third bedroom soon to be known as husband's office. Just like this room only  smaller because, well, you know why. It's all about ME.

Now you've seen some of the standard parts of midcentury design- what do you think? What kind of home architecture would be your dream house?