Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Loganberry Books in Cleveland

Earlier this week I was in Cleveland and had the great fortune to visit Loganberry Books in the Shaker Heights neighborhood. I’m fortunate to have a sister-in-law who knows bookstores are one of my favorite destinations in any city so she insisted we stop by.
Loganberry Books is one of those marvelous stores where the front windows cannot convey just how much depth lies within. Not just the size of the store but the experience as well. That and the creative energy that goes into making the space a special and inviting one for books and the people who love them, makes this a marvelous place to browse, read, and buy. If you're in Cleveland, you've got to stop by this wonderful, friendly store! 

The floor to ceiling book shelves are set off by lovely and comfortable seating and tables with displays on various subjects. 



Numerous smaller displays are scattered throughout the store:

 Edward Gorey Books

A selection of poetry books
Not in the mood for company? A quiet, plush chair and lovely local art- all alone in the back

The sleeping cat endorsement: Nothing says books and relaxation better than a happy cat!
 I loved Loganberry Books but if you can't make it to Cleveland for a visit, and you're lucky enough to have an independent bookstore in your area PLEASE support them. They support authors and the community with events and programs and very often offer the same amenities as those found at the big guys online (who shall remain nameless). Buy local!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Oh wow Catherine, I'm practically speechless - what an amazing place!

There's nothing I like more than the smell and the feel of a great book store and this one, this one takes a lot of beating.

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