Monday, March 17, 2014

Moving On: Seattle

After having been gone for almost a year and having proved myself to be such a lackadaisical proprietor, it is asking a lot to hope that anyone will return to this poor blog. Which is why I was pandering and jumped back into the fray with one of our culture's most overdone and self-congratulatory nights—the Oscars. Finding something snarky to write about this event was like shooting sequined, over-siliconed fish in a barrel and I managed to get a whole week out of it. 

But now it’s time to get caught up. I've apologized (sort of) for having disappeared for almost a year. I’d love to say it was exotic foreign travel that kept me away but the circumstances were much more banal and much less entertaining. Basically, my unemployment infected my husband and the company he worked for went belly up. That left me with a choking depression and an increase in all the stupid illnesses that are exacerbated by stress but it did give us a chance to reconnect in a way that is hard to do when you're both working full time.

Thankfully, J is a strong, brilliant, and responsible man and was fortunate enough (in this economy) to find a company who recognized his value. The only downside? Not a company in Portland. Mostly because there are not a lot of companies hiring in Portland. It's a fun city for retirees, trust fund babies, and the young, who are happy to work "little" jobs (waitress, bartender). J's new job was in Seattle, which was a more palatable destination than some of the other places he interviewed—Syracuse for one. Our biggest problems would be selling our house in market that has yet to recover from the housing bubble and, as we were to discover, trying to find housing in a market with a booming economy and a limited supply of housing. That is a post on its own but for now, I’m back and going to do my best to stay in touch and will, of course, be happy to hear from all of you!


Sydney Shop Girl said...

Best of luck with your new life in Seattle.

Stay strong and stay in touch.

SSG xxx

Sarah said...

I'm sorry things have been so tough Catherine. I hope that physically and emotionally you are feeling stronger now and that the move to Seattle is the start of a bright new future for you both. It's lovely to have you back xx

Catherine said...

So lovely to hear from both of you and glad to know you're still thriving in the blogosphere! I'm going to try and nourish this poor blog!

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