Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Oscars Recap

What a night last night! And I’m not referring to the fact I opened a Diet Coke after 7pm. No, it was that most hallowed of self-congratulatory nights in Hollywood—the Oscars. If you missed it and are anxious to learn the details of who won and what they said, you had best try another site. I watch it without sound and am really only interested in the clothes and the jewels. So, without further ado, here’s my take on what happened—good and bad (of course!).

Let's start with good...which gives me time to choose my words carefully for the bad.

This feels a bit safe but Amy Adams look impeccable in Gucci. I just would have liked a bit more bling (beyond coral earrings).

In both shape and color this is exquisite. Camila Alves in Gabriela Cardena

Another vote for deceptive simplicity. At closer look the ruching and horizontal folds cascading on the organza overlay are meticulous in their execution. I can't even remember the last time Charlize Theron made a fashion misstep.

Kate loves 1930 bias cut satin looks and with her slender frame she can work a deep decolletage without looking cheap.

I'm not in love with the silhouette but the color of this Giambattista Valli gown is gorgeous on Penelope Cruz 

Apparently, the woman in the background is unable to control her jealousy as to how sharp and chic Portia de Rossi looks in this Naeem Khan. I love the cut-out, modern macrame feel of the fabric and the shape echoes her slicked back hair. Tough but feminine.

She may not be setting trends but Robin Roberts always graces awards shows with appropriate elegance. Another lovely look!

Now, sadly, on to the not-so-great looks.

Oh, Goldie...Goldie. Much of this I blame on the pressure from Hollywood to look exactly as one did when they were 23- forever. She simply doesn't look alive anymore and her choice of gown echoes the same look she's been wearing for decades. I may be alone in this but I would love to see her looking her age--without fillers and tucking and pulling.

The smile will always be grand but sometimes Julia's choices work against her. The lace peplum adds unnecessary bulk at her waist and the bodice makes her look saggy.I get that it's Givenchy but it's not flattering.

I can already hear the outcry because Lupita is Hollwood's sweetheart right now. This is a lovely gown by Prada and she wears it with such joy- that I can appreciate. I would merely say that when a woman's breast bone is more prominent than her breasts it is more flattering to cover up. This wold have been perfection with a bateau neck.

Where to begin? Sally Hawkins looks as if she pulled his Valentino out of mummy's closet and was then caught wearing it. The gown is beautiful but a complete mistake for her. That plus the fact that she looks as if she hasn't brushed her hair make the entire look a mess.

I get that Whoopi thinks fashion is beneath her and wants only to march to her own drum but might not a bit of pride in one's appearance be worthwhile? This is a hot sloppy mess. Sleeves dangling too long and an outsized bodice and skirt. It's embarrassing.

That's all for today but I will be back with a look at my other favorite part of the Oscars- the jewelry. And an explanation as to where I've been for the last eight months (NOT having children) is not far behind. 

Tell me, dears, what were some of your most and least favorite looks of the Oscars.


Sophie said...

I agreed with every comment, but could never have written it as eloquently as you.

NataliaHickmon said...

I want to hear what you think about the men!

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