Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 Oscars Recap: The Bling

Next to the clothes, the most exciting part of the Oscars this year (aside from seeing Matthew McConaughey all cleaned up and back to a healthy weight) was the bling. It was a bit subdued but within those confines were some outstanding pieces. My favorites:

In the world of gems, opals are so far down the desire chain that most women don't even think about them. Plus, there is the fact that some say they bring bad luck- but not to Cate Blanchett. These earrings are my favorite bits of bling this year. Look at the gorgeous colors reflected in the stones! It is almost makes up for that scratchy tulle dress Blanchett is wearing that I imagine she stripped off in her limo before even making it back to her hotel. One can only suffer so much for fashion.

Charlize Theron's dress was one of my favorites and in her usual impeccable way she chose this $15 million dollar Harry Winston diamond pendant as her only piece of bling. Point, set, match to Theron!

Emma Watson pulled off her usual hip chic on Sunday (except for a weave at the back of her head that was messy- in a bad way). I love the short nails with dark polish and all her bling-y rings. Dressed up but still youthful and fun.

Jessica Biel raided the Tiffany vaults and made it out with these two classic and elegant pieces. A perfect complement to her strapless sheath dress.

Penelope Cruz pulls off traditional chandelier diamonds from Chopard. The right choice against her updo and muted make-up.

Although the side-swept hair craze made me feel stabby by the end of the night I loved these earrings on Sandra Bullock, simply because they were dangling. They provided a great accent to her face.

Images from: Citizens of Fashion

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