Friday, March 7, 2014

2014 Oscars: The Guys

I thought I had covered the Oscars with the fashions and the jewelry but I’ve had a reader request to cover the men of the Oscars and if there is one group I listen to, it’s my readers. So, even though I’m fairly certain her interest has nothing to do with their clothes, I’m going to honor this request and look at some of the men of the Oscars.

 Even if you don’t know who he is, Pharrell Williams is the stand-out male attendee this year. Either you loved his tuxedo shorts or you thought they were silly or an affront. For me, given what this performer and entrepreneur has achieved, it’s not surprising. It’s not shock value, just Pharrell going his own way. I have more questions about his androgynous, dutch-boy-haircut date.

His performance in The Dallas Buyers Club was so moving I cried. His decision to white jacket it (with co-star Matthew McConaughey) is also fine- a bit evocative of the 1930s Humphrey Bogart years. What I can't condone? Why not get your split ends cut off and use a little bit of conditioner. If you're going to go long, you've go to treat it right.

I'm hooked on House of Cards so Kevin Spacey at the Oscars is not too surprising. What is is the dark blue tuxedo. In the light of this photo, it has a Frank Sinatra rat pack feel and that works but during the ceremonies it photographed as a bright blue and that was no good.

I'm not interested in an Oscar performance whose most notable feature is using the f word over 500 times but I AM interested in a perfectly cut traditional tux in navy. Such a dark navy it screams power and elegance. Well done.

Face it, this is what you were looking for. Don't pretend you care about Pharrell or Leo. Matthew McConaughey, all cleaned up and healthy looking, in a white dinner jacket and with cuff links and all that. It's called eye candy and he's owning it. What was nice was that his wife looked as good as he did.

Tyson Beckford worked the red carpet as a commentator but held his own against the celebrities. The tux may be classic but the velvet slip-on loafers take it up a notch. Plus, he's gorgeous.

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