Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Fashion 2013: Zac Posen

He’s back! I’m sure Zac Posen isn’t losing any sleep over my lack of interest but honestly, for the last two seasons I’ve wondered just who he is designing for. I’m thrilled to say that for Spring 2013 he’s designing for me! Me, if I lived in New York City, had a high powered career and attended oodles of social events, but still this collection is divine. He covers all the sartorial bases from tailored to frilly, fancy to sleek. I loved this collection.


Two suits, two complementary looks. For the jacket on the left the look is almost architectural with the neckline perfectly carved to enhance the neck and a ¾ sleeve. On the right is another fabulous neckline with columns of pintuck pleats that nicely add shape where some women (OK, me) might want it. The pants are dreamy with some definition through the hips but flowing around the legs.


Such a simple wear-everywhere spring dress. The cream color means you can bold it up or bling it out, both will work. On the right is a bit more fuss, but done well it comes off as feminine and this is done right. The sheerness of the ruffle at the waist means it’s not going to scream ‘these are my hips’ the way a peplum would and the slim fitted pencil skirt provides the perfect contrast.


So details were Posen’s thing this spring. For some, these two dresses might read as a bit fussy but I find them to be fun. The tailored jacket over the frilled patterned chiffon skirt and old-fashioned blush dress with ruffled sleeves and skirt feel wonderfully feminine and a welcome respite from all the jagged edges of fall.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Fashion 2013: Carolina Herrera

Hopefully, wherever you are, you’re seeing some signs of spring. I covered a few of the trends I found interesting and am ready to move onto specific designers who made their looks work. Spring 2013 is better than Fall 2012 which, seriously, should never have been produced (with a very few exceptions), but there is still something that feels off about the fashion world. Yes, it is supposed to be a bit of fantasy but, much like the state of the American economy, the divide between outrageous ostentation (wealth) and cheap, mass-produced throw away clothing (poor) is growing wider. You’re either faced with buying a designer silk blouse for $150 or a polyester blouse for $19.95. Whatever happened to interesting, well-made clothes at reasonable prices i.e. the middle class?

Because there is no resolution in sight, I went with designers whose style and aesthetic caught my eye. I don’t even list prices here because I’m showing these collections as inspiration only. Unless, you can afford to buy off the runway, in which case I insist you take pictures and share with the rest of us.

Carolina Herrera has always been a favorite but this season she twists her signature elegance into something a bit more fanciful by mixing incongruous colors and patterns. The looks are still classy and wearable but tangerine with gray gives even a long dress a little edge.


Both of these looks sport a school-girl feel but not in a lechy, Lolita way. This structured jacket on top of a filmy, swingy skirt is a great combination as is the 70’s short sleeve sweater belted over a long silk printed skirt.


Long lengths always work for me. They connote a certain elegance with ease—you’re not trying too hard. Plus, they work for almost any age group. Here Herrera does a nice job of mixing up the waist with the tangerine dress hitting at the natural waistline while the grey silk is almost, but not quite an Empire. Choices! The mixing of vertical and horizontal striping in the dress on the left makes it more flattering while combining gray with tangerine takes just another spring dress and gives it new life.


Full blousy silk top in dark gray with bright orange flowers? You bet. Add a short flouncy skirt and this is a perfect young look for spring. Not for all of us, but add a bit of length in the skirt and you’re good to go. For something a bit dressier this abstract printed sheath is a lovely mix of covered up and bare. A great length as well—enough of the ground dragging maxis, please! I’m 5’9” and can’t even wear those things without fear of falling.
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