Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Portland Garden Tour 2013

Recently, J and I spent a sunny Saturday afternoon Association of Landscape Designers’ Garden Tour. This year they focused on gardens in Northwest Portland. Of the seven available we saw five and I’m sharing photos for three where I tried to move in (some people have no sense of humor when you’re going through their fridge for a beverage.) 

Enjoy the diversity, as we did. I’d love to be able to caption all the plants and flowers correctly but these people are gardening at a level far beyond my ‘is that hydrangea? no, peony? no, rhododendron?’.
Feel free to comment if you recognize something that I have simply described but not named!
This house had the largest backyard and although it was in a regular neighbor they had a working garden as well as these fat, happy chickens.
There were numerous fruit trees from lemons (above) and peaches to key limes and figs.
A clay oven used for bread and possibly pottery.
This may look like a planter but it is actually a plant! The wife has a greenhouse where she designs with succulents, and paints.
This fabulous covered room at house 2 screams 'lie here all day and read'. I love the dreaminess of the blue tinted glass walls.
It may be a little hard to tell but this 'rug' is mosiac tiles. It's in front of the second living area at house 2- an Asian inspired dining pagoda.
This is the outdoor living room #1. At this point, I was begging the owners to let me move in. A gorgeous yard with multiple options for being outside.
I have NO idea what these are but they look like beautiful pincushions. They were just one of the unusual plant arrangements at house 2.
This is a plant. Yes, it is. It looks like something from the original Star Trek where, if you sat on it, it ate you.
 I much prefer photos without people in them but this house (#3) was so popular it was never going to happen. This was my second favorite because I love the tented roof. You can be outside in any weather- and get to listen to the rain on the canvas. Nirvana

 And if you want to relax while your husband cooks dinner, there's the separate fireplace/lounging area. Directly behind that is a full vegetable garden.
 Drinks in front of the fire, anyone?
I love this plant centerpiece. They're mostly succulents and moss so it lives on, even in the winter.
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