Monday, September 5, 2016

Seattle Food: Copine (again!)

I know, a second post about Copine restaurant. It’s embarrassing except that we fell in love to such a degree that we wanted to try everything on the seasonal menu. As that can’t be done in one sitting (or even two) we had to go back. Plus, August contains both our birthdays and the beginning of September is our anniversary. Three times in one month is a bit aggressive, but when you see these photos you’ll wish you lived in Seattle (even though they’re taken with a phone). OK? 

It’s also important to note that this food love on our part is not the result of any kind of preferential treatment. In fact, we waited too long for our anniversary and couldn’t get a reservation so we just showed up and sat at the bar. Which worked out well as the bartender was fabulous—and we could still order from the full menu. Win-win.

First up, my birthday dinner two weeks ago.

Such a simple thing and yet, it's not. Not only is the bread a delicious challah-- soft and tender, but the composition on the plate is lovely.

Mr. G started with a chilled romaine lettuce soup with Yukon gold potatoes and black truffle. Lettuce soup? Chilled? Yes and it is delicious.

At this time of year, it's a crime not to order anything on the menu that has heirloom tomatoes because it's what any decent food lover yearns for the rest of the year when we're stuck eating root vegetables. Here they're paired with grilled bread and sweet corn panna cotta.

 Mr. G had the sablefish with a crispy skin and a bonito consumme with pickled vegetables.

 I opted for this gorgeous rack of lamb with jus, falafel and roasted cauliflower. Golden raisins gave the slightest bit of sweet to balance the richness of the lamb.

When I find something I love, I'm going to stick with it. There is no other dessert for me but the dark chocolate gateau (if you need to see it uneaten, click here). That would be my birthday candle at the side of the plate. I think I deserve extra points for not scraping the chocolate off of it.

Last week we headed back for our anniversary and can now say we have sampled almost everything offered on the menu. To our delight.

I've seen beautiful food, but this plate is outstanding. It looks like a Matisse painting. Still, it's only one part of the equation-- the food must taste good as well.  No surprise, it did. A round of watermelon, compressed, with ahi tuna crudo on top and finely sliced jalapeƱos. Plus, some slightly crunchy small white beads that  I could not identify, but loved. The flavors combined were fabulous.

This may look like dessert but it is actually a foie gras terrine with duck confit, huckleberries, and candied hazelnuts. The sweet with the savory balanced the earthiness of the foie gras.

My entree and a perfect way to end the wrap-up the summer sweet corn. Agnolotti (pasta pillows) filled with sweet corn mousse in a brown butter sauce with lobster mushrooms and figs. The al dente pasta was perfect against the creamy filling and the accent of the figs with the sauce--heaven.

That is it for Copine (for now). We've had three marvelous meals and are thrilled to have this restaurant in our neighborhood. If you're in Seattle and love locally sourced, beautifully presented, delicious food then you must stop by.

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