Monday, February 4, 2013

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Dale Chihuly is a master craftsman, artist, and pioneer in the world of glass. His pieces can be seen in exhibitions and installations around the world. His work spans three decades and has changed the craft of glassblowing forever.

Recently I was in Seattle and had the chance to visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. It was a typical Pacific Northwest day- completely overcast and threatening to rain at any moment, but was perfect for viewing these pieces as the subdued light made the glasswork stand out more. It was a magical afternoon, walking amongst gigantic but delicate sculptures of glass. 

A spiky cactus tree and enormous grape rock candy greet you in the garden (they're glass, of course, but it does look like candy, right?)
An outdoor walkway of fantasical chandeliers
Mauve (my favorite!)
Beautiful sunny flowers in contrast to the rain outside
The flash destroyed the effect, but the ball is lit from underneath and so appears to glow. Mystical
 Monet's Water Lilies or a glass bowl?

This feels like an orchard. Like the picture above these bowls were achieved by rolling a globe of molten glass over small shards of multicolored glass which then melts. The effect is serene and one of my favorites.
 A lovely cornucopia with bowls nested inside, in a Native American motif and colors.

Chihuly's first works were of glass painted with Navajo blanket patterns. He owns a large collection of blankets some of which are on display at the museum. 
Like an ocean wave this piece captures the texture and motion of water. With the lights and camera flash it is hard to convey the subtlety of colors flowing through a piece this size--from the softest blue to an almost purple at the base and inner pieces.

Close-ups of the conch shell and starfish from the ocean piece.

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Abby said...

He has a permanent exhibit at our local botanical garden and it's quite incredible, especially the $1,000 price tag on stuff in the gift shop.

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