Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013 Recap

Last night ushered in the 2013 awards season in Hollywood. This is perfect timing because it means I can honor both parts of my nature, the Zen goddess and the snarky bitch, all while looking at lots of pretty clothes and jewelry. So, let’s get on with it, shall we? And I say we start low and end high.

Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton. Gorgeous hair but this half sheer look only ever works when the lengths are intermingled. This says "I'm wearing a dress over a nightie."

 Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior. Gorgeous color and I love the softly braided hair but this dress is saying, "Look at my chest and then leave a dollar in the pocket sticking out from said chest." No. No.

Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy. Two words: hot mess
Halle Berry has a knockout figure but often seems more concerned about showing it than being tasteful. This Versace beongs on the beach.

Guiliana Rancic stuck between Downton Abbey and Mortitia Addams and doing no favors to either.


Rich color, subdued elegance and a wow back. Naomi Watts nails it in Zac Posen.

This is exactly the size bust to wear in a peekaboo dress and Kate Hudson works the sleek edgy Goth look beautifully. I could show you 4 other busty women who did not get this memo.

Emily Blunt stuns in this slim sheath with cut-out midriff by Michael Kors. The whole look is fabulous- hair, makeup and jewelry.

Look, I don't get the whole Mel Gibson friendship thing either but I've been a Jodie Foster fan for a long time. She looks effortless and chic in this sequined Armani sheath.

I know very little about Taylor Swift except she's a cougar to high school boys but this gown is beyond. The deep color, simple cut in front and sexy bare back scream elegant. It's too bad that everytime they showed her, her sultry look came off as sulky.

What's not to love? Age appropriate but still body conscious and with glowing skin and soft hair. Helen Mirren is a beacon of looking fierce at any age. 


Kathy G said...

I agree with you about those awful dresses; how can good designers like Christian Dior and Versace get it so wrong?

Sarah said...

A big yes to all the no's (if you see what I mean :) and I absolutely love Taylor Swifts dress despite the sulky expression.

Not sure about Jodie Fosters, its a beautiful dress but I dont think she carries of feminine very well, something slightly more severe would suit her style I think.

Helen Mirren, well that lady is just pure class!

Catherine said...

Kathy- that's exactly it! More and more designers are being represented but not well.

Sarah- I agree about Foster and feminity but I think the geometric lines of this dress keep it simple enough for her. Although one year she wore a gorgeous beaded Armani suit. Stunning.

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