Fall Fashion 2012: Taking on Men

Sorry to have been AWOL but returning to a job where I deal with the public for the first time in decades (handling their money, credit cards, merchandise) brought me the mother of all colds and so I’ve had to restrict myself to basic functions only: sleeping and working. I’m on the mend and adapting and am back with one of my favorite categories for fall—menswear for women. Because I’ve never had a lot of curves, spring and summer are always a tougher time of year for me. Concepts like ‘bare’ and ‘sheer’ and ‘short’ are harder to work with and I end up sticking with 'layering'. Imagine then, how happy I am when designers embrace suiting as an option. To me, it is ripe with possibilities, both in clothing and accessories and only an unimaginative mind views it as masculine. Women's wear takes the best of menswear concepts—impeccable tailoring to hide flaws, fine fabrics, and subtle embellishment to the next level and with a pop of color, an uber-high heel, or a big bow, makes it especially feminine. Here are some of the pieces I fell for. See anything you’d like?
Suits: Michael Kors scores with a classic herringbone tweed while Rodarte goes 40s broad shoulder in a gorgeous pumpkin orange. One of my favorites, Gucci turns suiting on its head with a luxe velvet smoking jacket and trousers- the epitome of elegance. Erdem takes a slim silhouette and explodes it in a purple and yellow tweed.
Accessories: Oxfords and patent slip-ons by AGL,burnt umber cigarette case purse by Givenchy. Absolute, to-die-for-I don't-care-if-I-have-nowhere-to-wear-them-I-must-own-now stiletto ankle boots with ribbed tights by Burberry Prorsum (seriously, I have to have these boots) and classic black driving gloves with pieced leather and patent purse by Bottega Veneta.


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