Fall Fashion 2012: Fantasy Shopping

Happy Friday! If, like me, this week has left you tired of reality then how about a quick trip of fantasy shopping? This fall was not one of my favorites but there were items that caught my eye. Below, are items I’d love to own but likely never will. Still it’s cold and rainy right now and looking at pretty clothes always makes me feel better.


From top left:
  1. Fur lined parka- no idea who makes it despite extensive research on my part but I LOVE it
  2. Tory Burch sequined dress $595- could be really cute dressed down with a white shirt underneath
  3. Tory Burch Mary Jane $425- kind of spring-y color combo but still adorable
  4. LK Bennett suede/patent pump- because cordovan is hot this fall and this is a sexy classic,
  5. Philospohy knit dress with jeweled collar $695- again, a soft neutral with a demure simple line but the jeweled collar means business,
  6.  Generation Love- wool w/apaca sleeves $178- this is just fun, a soft sweater with metallic sleeves. Could be worn with jeans or a leather skirt
  7. Asos belted coat $215- businesslike and love the defined waist 
  8. LK Bennett pump $315- OK, so this is the shoe that Princess Catherine wears almost constantly but it IS a great neutral and who wouldn't want to look as classy as she does? 
  9. Jewelry: Irene Neuwirth necklace and earrings, Mimi So necklace, J/Hadley ring- as so much of what I was drawn to is soft neutrals I thought these beautiful gemstone pieces in deep blue would be a perfect complement.
What’s caught your eye this fall?