Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Fashion 2012: Trends

The kiddies are back in school and while the days may be verging on hot the nights are cool enough for an extra blanket. Thus, I’m calling it-it’s fall and time to begin the journey into what’s new in the fashion world. I’ve hinted that this fall was particularly disappointing but am going to hold off on why and keep things upbeat with some of the trends I’ve seen that interest me. 

For me, burgundy and navy are synonymous as neutrals. Navy made a comeback after almost a decade of derision by fashionistas (and I screamed ‘I told you so’) and this year there was the same uptick in showings of burgundy (or wine or cordovan or whatever you want to call it). This is good news for everyone because really, aren’t you getting tired of black?

Gucci chiffon dress, Tory Burch spectator maryjane, Alexander McQueen wool pencil skirt, T by Alexander Wang dress, Luxury Rebel pump, Valentino chiffon/lace blouse, Gucci sweater
There are several names for this trend: black and gold, baroque, luxe. I’m going with luxe because it encompasses the many ways opulence is popping up in fall fashion. My caveat—if this is a trend you like proceed with caution. It’s not the eighties anymore and economically we’re anything but luxe (which I’ll address later), but if you feel like a little extra bling the fashion world is right there with you this fall.

 Dolce & Gabbana dress, Lanvin dress,Robert Coin earrings, Marches dress, Oscar de la Renta fox/ostrich clutch, Balmain boots, Zac Posen metallic brocade skirt

It might seem odd to call a coat a trend but when there is such a plethora of options, compared with years past, it becomes noteworthy. Designers will often throw in an outerwear piece in their fall line but it’s just that—a throwaway piece with little thought. This year’s crop of outerwear covers the gamut and what you see here is my condensed version of my favorites. Too many choices!

 Carolina Herrera, 3.1 Phillip Lim, DKNY updated leather motorcycle jacket, Alberta Ferretti fur, Burberry, Ralph Lauren (minus the top hat to distract, this is a gorgeous red/black plaid)

I’ll be back during the week to showcase some of my favorite designers’ collections for fall. Stay tuned!
Images provided by: Vogue, InStyle, and Polyvore

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