Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Touch of Fall- Handbags

Next week begins Fashion Week in NYC but it is the weird out-of-season week that the fashion industry likes to foist on us so we can feel out of sync with the natural world. Spring clothes? I get that buyers need to order now but couldn’t you have private shows and save the public stuff for what we can purchase in the next month or so? And I’m not saying that as a rank amateur, I was a clothing buyer for 3 years and understand the process.

Before I get into Fall fashion (which is how I fight back) I thought I’d start with an amuse bouche of one group of accessories that has consistently caught my eye in the magazine ads. Handbags. Because, well, they’re kind of seasonless, right? And as I can’t afford any of these it‘s a case of visual lust- nothing more or less.

 Louis Vuitton abandoning the initials and going, instead, for sparkly. Practical shapes but extravagent fabric.

 I love this Lanvin bag in velvet with the girly heart and ribbon laced chain. Chic without being too young.

 My two favorite Vuitton of the season. Love the colors and the shapes. And yes, even the ubiquitous LV initials on the bag on the right.

Orange and purple in ostrich for fall? Why not? The shapes are just perfect.

What's catching your eye these days?

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tweedlibrarian said...

I love the sparkly fabric - fun! What's catching my eye are some interesting shapes from - I like this one from Celine:

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