Multnomah Days

Yesterday was Multnomah Days in the quirky fun town of Multnomah Village. It’s a lot of little local shops which I’ve written about before and one of my favorite places to go for a stroll and some window shopping. The festival was a blast, very reminiscent of my childhood (and probably yours) in that there was a parade, a marching band and lots of families with everyone walking around and chatting. A very laid back old-fashioned vibe. 

The marching band was by far my favorite thing. They’re called The Beat Goes On and it’s all senior citizens. They sounded amazing and the energy level was unbelievable. Plus, there is nothing like hearing someone who looks like your grandmother dance to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. They played non-stop while I was there and covered everyone from Neil Diamond to Guns ‘n Roses.

There was something for everyone with all kinds of great food booths, crafts, clothing, and jewelry. I contemplated getting a henna tattoo on my hand but the line was so long I gave up. For the kids there was face painting, balloon animals, and sparkle tattoos.

Here are a few of the many booths I saw that caught my eye.

 I just love this cozy garden setting in the middle of the street.

Les Couleurs de Provence has beautiful bright cheerful linens and clothes imported from France. I loved the white and blue skirt and the bright yellow dress!

 Shape Shifters is owned by Carole Bassett, a multi-talented local artist. For years she was focused on her jewelry, all with carefully researched stones and designs. Then she began to move into mask making and Native American dolls. Her work is meticulous and the amount of detail incredible. Now she’s creating unique clay animal sculptures rising out of unusual pieces of semi-precious stone, like obsidian, jasper, quartz crystal, selenite, soapstone. She can be reached at if you see anything you like or what more details.