Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Determination Gets You

My tale for today is about what can happen when determination and perseverance occur at the molecular level. You may feel you’ve given up, that happiness is an elusive dream and that you’re being attacked by unseen unknowable enemies but if, in some small kernel of your spirit you can hold on to the knowledge that happiness is divine right, you will persevere. The hard part for us humans is that we want to know when and how and that’s not information the universe shares. It’s when that sticky concept, trust, comes into play. Trust and you’ll bloom. 

I planted a bag of daylily bulbs after letting them sit in the garage for over a year. They were planted in un-amended soil (read: solid clay, my fault) in an area with no drip line (J’s fault). Their first showing was quite pallid- stems but no blooms. This year, their tender roots were attacked by slugs and those that survived suffered further insult when the slugs chewed away their healthy leaves. They were beseiged and bedraggled. Thankfully, we have no qualms about the eradication of slugs on the planet so J got aggressive and here is the end result.

The second lesson here: go big or go home. Not just yellow, not just royal purple, but both. Bam!

I try and go out every day just to look at the blooms because despite the fact that there are only 3 plants, they just keep flowering. They remind me that I have NO idea what’s going to happen next, so accept the moment but keep trying. 

That’s probably the full extent of my spiritual sharing for the next 12 months. Next, I’ll be back with generalized anxiety with a side of woe-is-me. Until then, enjoy!

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