Friday, July 20, 2012

Next Step: The Gilmore Guide to Books

Sorry, for the mystery of my last post but, for me, the unemployment journey has been one of the worst of my life which, for someone diagnosed with a chronic incurable degenerative disease that involves daily painful injections, is saying a lot. And that sentence does- sorry. 

To avoid further coyness on my part, my big news is simply that I have started my own book review/reading website. After the debacle of my last library job rejection I decided I had to have something in my life that brought me joy and made me feel good- about myself and my life. My job had always been my identity so it had to be something I could do—despite my hours of Buddhist reading and meditation I’ve not yet accepted that just being is enough. 

The Gilmore Guide to Books is going to be filled with reviews of upcoming releases, author interviews, events, news about the publishing world, and my own writings about the world of reading. It won’t be the New York Review of Books (mostly because I’m not getting paid) but it will be my opinion—not just the pabulum some people write to keep publicists happy. I won’t savage an author, because I have so much respect for what they do, but I will share my opinion about why a book did or didn’t work for me. Just as importantly, I’ll want to hear from all of you, what you thought about a certain book, what you’re reading, when you disagree—all of it! 

This is my own website, self-hosted so there’s none of that Google ‘following’ hoo-ha. Instead, if you want to show your support (and it’s greatly appreciated if you do—like hug-a-kitten happiness) just subscribe. Also saves you time because you won’t have to check in to see if I’ve gotten off my butt and written anything new—you’ll get an email when I do. Easy-peasy with no spam, no violations of privacy or selling your email address. Unless, of course, someone offers me A LOT of money. 

I could yammer on about this but you’ve got the gist. This is my baby. It’s new and will be growing and changing and, hopefully, getting better all the time. Stop by and share the reading love.


Abby said...

As you know, I support all you do. While I can't contribute to the conversation--I haven't read the same books and can't afford to buy them--you have a real talent for what you do. Congrats :)

Catherine said...

I always appreciate your support and I know we read very different books but maybe I'll hit on something you'd like one of these days. And I will be covering books that are at the library because you KNOW I don't like buying books either!

Kathy G said...

Congratulations on figuring our your next step. I'm not reading as many books these days as I used to, but I've figured out these things go in cycles, so now I know where to go for some good reading recommendations.

Stephanie B. @B4Steph said...

Cool. I checked out your review site and I like it a lot. We have similar tastes. Good for you choosing to do something new.

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