Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June Reading

I’m a little late on this list and there are some who would say I ought to be doing a patriotic post but, quite frankly, I haven’t got it in me. I believe America is a great country but right now it feels very broken. And not just in regards to the economy and my situation—even though it is all about me—but politically as well. Everyone is in their own camp and there’s no such thing as dialogue anymore.

Enough of that, this is about books. June was another stellar month for reading. I was fortunate again to read debut authors with a real gift as well as some great non-fiction. What stood out were the books that left me unsettled—the perfect kind for a book club because you need to talk to someone else whose read them. So, YOU need to read them and then come back and comment. Please?!

This is a quirky book but it kept me reading. I’d love to talk to someone else about it, though, because when I was done I’m not sure I got it. Which is interesting but unsettling.

This is Twilight for grown-ups. If that series’ treacly plot made you want to gag this will grab you. I don’t read paranormal but Harkness does it with research and intelligence. A great read.

An interesting debut novel. Well written but I wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t by the end. Which leaves you thinking about the book for days, which I like.

Lay of the Land is one of my all-time favorites and maybe I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to Frank Bascombe because I didn’t love this book. I’m recommending it, though, because Ford is a masterful writer and always worth reading.

Sly and wry look at modern day London society from the creator of Downton Abbey.

If you have even the smallest love of clothes and shopping this is a must read. It is to fashion what Super Size me is to fast food.

Funny/sad fictional look at the life of a pop star ala Britney Spears.

BUST magazine is the touchstone of irreverent snarky women’s magazines so you know their take on DIY is going to be good. This book is practical, charming and funny.

What did you read last month? What are you reading now?

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