Sunday, June 24, 2012

Farmers' Market Time Again!

Slowly Portland is heading into its season of beauty; the reason we live in 9 months of drizzly, damp, grey, chill-to-the-bone weather. One of the first signs of impending glee is the opening of our many farmers’ markets. I’ve written about them before so won’t dwell too much on the subject but I went with J yesterday to the one in Beaverton and it was a delight. Even since last year it has grown and I’m not sure how much longer it will last in its designated space next to the library. You can get virtually every foodstuff you can think of from eggs, bison, seafood, breads, flour, cookies, fruit and veggies…the list is almost endless. This year I even saw 3 wineries which is new but fun. In addition, there are always the food vendors and while my favorite (Zest Crepes) is gone (why o why???) there was a new crepe place. Not quite as good as my old standby but still I had a delicious breakfast of a thick cut bacon, spinach, egg, and cheese crepe.

The other reason these markets are so great is the personal contact. You’re not just buying wild salmon or oysters you talking to the man who caught them yesterday. Or the farmer who can tell why now is not the right time for leeks or the tiny elderly woman who grows some of the best butter lettuce in the country. It’s food shopping as its meant to be- local, fresh and transparent. No concerns about if your product has been genetically modified (Walmart Selling GMO Sweet Corn) or the chickens fed animal by-products. These are small scale, sustainable producers and for me, it’s worth the extra money to support them because ultimately it’s the best thing for me.

It's not tomato time yet (sigh) but I will eat asparagus in every dish before it disappears. Luscious!

 These tiny, adorable radishes are so crisp and fresh sliced in pasta salad.

The parade of color is beginning

Is it market time where you live? What do you like?


Abby said...

You know I love my veggies and the whole market idea, but to be honest, I'm not in love with our Farmers Market this year. They redid it to be "modern" and bigger and it lost that indy feel. Plus, everything is a million times more expensive than even local produce at the grocery store. I still go once in awhile to walk around and look, but rarely buy much. I like yours instead ;)

Jennifer Wolfe said...

Oh yes, I live in the northern CA valley and we have fabulous farmer's markets. Right now I'm loving the sweet fresh corn, and delicious tomatoes!

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