Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Simple Bliss

If you’re lucky you have something in your life that makes you giddy, maybe even silly with happy. For me, it’s coming home with an armload of free books to find even more books waiting for me. Hang on, it gets better… these are NOT library books. They are all mine for ever and ever. Yes, I need to read them and yes, I need to write about them in a way that readers, authors and publicists think is valuable but for this afternoon all I need to do is stack them, unstack them, rearrange them, glance through them (it’s like dating, people, you don’t want to rush things, that would be gross), put them in the locations where I’ll want to read them (bedside, couch, coffeetable), pick them up some more and smell them and oh yes, take pictures of them to share with you. I even leave the room then come back in to feel that initial thrill all over again. Goofy, right?

I'm pretty sure Kate Moss doesn't get this much attention when being prepped for a Vogue cover. 

Now I'm just showing off. If any of these titles look interesting to you my reviews will appear at Portland Book Review within the next month.

The only part of all this that makes me really sad? You can’t earn money for loving books and writing about them. But you can for crashing the economy. Lots of it.

But forget that for now. Is there a person, place, thing, anything that can make reality disappear and replace it with rainbows and glitter- even if only for a minute or two? Share!

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Abby said...

I'm jealous of your book haul, as last night I went to the bookstore and didn't find anything that was a "sure" bet in the used section. I hesitate to spend a lot on something I'm not sure of, so I'm currently rereading some of the older ones. Sigh. You might not get paid for it, but it's still intrinsic gold ;)

Sitting outside in the sun in my backyard with a cup of tea watching nature or reading/doing a crossword puzzle is my peace, when I can get it. No noise, no computer, no least for a minute.

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