Met Gala 2012

Generally, when I write about a fashion event I like to get out there as quickly as possible so that I’m not simply regurgitating what thousands of other bloggers and writers have already said. However, at this year’s Met Gala regurgitation is an almost too appropriate word and largely reflects my frame of mind. Maybe I no longer understand the meaning of this event. I’ve always seen it to be a celebration of a particular designer or designers and often attendees would wear their designs or a look with a similar feel. Now it seems there is no other purpose than to shock which, quite honestly in this day and age, is boring. Good taste is much harder to pull off.

This year the bad and ugly threw down against style and taste and scored a pyrrhic victory. I’m not even going to dignify the majority of offenses with names or photos but someone has GOT to tell celebrities that spray tan does not look natural. EVER. Appalling is the word. And ladies? We know you’ve got breasts, we all do, but when you think this is flattering you might want to stay home. Take a bubble bath and have a glass of pinot grigio.

To try and stay on the happy side of the street, here are the women I thought epitomized 'gala'. Kudos.

Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren.

Renee Zellweger eschewing her usual Herrera for a backless Emilio Pucci. Love Herrera but this is perfection.

Cameron Diaz can be hit or miss on the red carpet but this dress (Stella McCartney) and her styling are spot on. And a bit attitudinal which I like.

It doesn't even matter who this is. She's got the dress, the hair, the bling, the cool defiant (or emptyheaded) gaze. It all works.