L'Wren Scott in Paris

I’ve enjoyed the fashions of L’Wren Scott through the years and found her Spring 2012 line to be especially appealing. Her color choices were particularly exuberant without being garish and the cut and fit of the dresses was such that they could be worn by something other than just the skinny girls on the runway. And the maxi dress? LOVED. IT.

Given Scott’s love of vibrant color I was struck then to see photos of her apartment in Paris in this month’s Vogue magazine. Very subdued, minimalist and chic. Not that I was expecting a Betsey Johnson-esque jumble of over-the-top neon brights and a disco ball but this is so restrained and soothing. A place you could go for respite and a good book.

I always enjoy seeing where creative people live as it is often an unexpected juxtaposition against their creative work. It’s a bit voyeuristic but in a harmless (as opposed to stalkerish) way. Here then, is a quick peek into L’Wren Scott’s Paris apartment.

I'm not usually a fan of white pine floors but this I like. The whole room seems to have the softest pink glow. 

So the handbag cost more than my mortgage the overall look and feel is charming. 

Now these walls are the palest pink. Would love to try this in our house but am pretty sure J would not go along with me.

The glass tiles are all antique Lalique. Stunning but all that glass to clean? Not so good.

Have you ever seen photos of the home (or even office) of an artist you enjoy- and been surprised?

All photos by Fran├žois Halard


  1. That apartment definitely seems very appropriate to her design aesthetic!

  2. These rooms all look so peaceful and relaxing. I wouldn't have guessed this is the style L'Wren would be drawn to. I love white but thinks it's too cool of a color for living here in the grey.

    A recent Architectural Digest had a spread on Diane Von Furstenberg's Manhattan apartment - it's interesting but I think it's got way too much going one - lots of colors, textures, and just stuff. http://www.architecturaldigest.com/celebrity-homes/2012/diane-von-furstenberg-new-york-apartment-slideshow#slide=4


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