Monday, May 14, 2012

Lucky Brand Spring 2012 Fashion Show

Saturday (in case you hadn’t heard) I went to a fashion show co-hosted by Tim Gunn. The clothing was LuckyBrand® which is largely known for its denim and is fairly youth oriented. I know, what isn’t?

This was a bit of a revelation because while the models were all teen-ish, the looks weren’t. Nor were they all denim which piqued my interest. I saw a number of items I would wear and even those that wouldn’t quite work for me still provided good ideas. I'll definitely be stopping by their store this week.

Here are my take-aways. Oh, and they were showing clothes for men as well but really, who cares? Not me.

Caveat: I did not use my digital SLR camera (big mistake) and I'm not a runway photographer so acknowledge these photos won't end up in Vogue. Plus, I was in the third row so there will be someone's head at the bottom of almost every photo. Get over it.

Generally I'm not a fan of anything 70s but the whole fringe-y crochet top look works. Actually, in Portland, anything layered works.

 BAD photo but I had to include because there is when Tim went off about exposed midriffs. Even on a skinny minny like this he's not a fan.

 Another bare midriff and a pair of shorts I would have loved in my 20s but the top is really cute. Great combination of colors and I love the turquoise necklace as an accent.

 Again with the retro look but I have always loved palazzo pants. They feel like effortless chic as in I'm hanging out in Capri. This was one of my favorites and one I'll look for at the store.

 Two cute dress looks even though the hems are a bit shortish for me. The cap sleeve is a great touch when so many things these days are spaghetti straps. Options are good!

 Maybe I'm just lazy but I LOVE a nice maxi-dress. Great print.

Nice use of color and print throughout the line. Not sure if the dress on the right would work on anyone but a model. It looks a bit muumuu-ish.

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Sarah said...

Those plazzo pants are gorgeous and the short dresses would look great worn over skinny jeans or as cover ups on the beach.

I wouldnt get away with a bare midrift these days even if I wanted to But tied a couple of inches lower Id wear both of those shirts. x

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