Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It Happens Here

Stand back. Yes, this is it, the place where the magic happens. If, by magic, you mean a staggering number of hours spent playing inane online games like Bejeweled Blitz (don’t make me explain please), additional hours manipulating spreadsheets because then I can feel as if I’ve accomplished something or time surfing the net and tweeting (Satan’s playground).

If you’re thinking along the lines of “fount of inspiration” I really wish it was and I’ve tried to set it up as such but inspiration is one elusive bitch. Originally, my desk was the dining room table (as seen here) but that bugged husband so much he suggested I move it upstairs into what we normally refer to as the ‘Nordic Trak’ room because all it contains is a Nordic Trak and a dresser. And if you think the exercise equipment is for me then you’ve obviously stumbled onto this page by mistake. I stood on it once and realized I could hurt myself. Never again.

Anyway, once I got upstairs there was no desk so I used an old utility table from the garage and ‘charmingly’ draped it in a white tablecloth. Then began the piling on of talismans, charms, reading and reference materials, files, bills, tchotchkes – all the things that make me me and would, I hoped inspire me to finally write something worth reading. You can see how that worked out so I’ve imbued this new iteration with as much mojo as I can. It is the table from downstairs (because we cadged a real dining room table from a friend who was moving) and it’s color actually works with the room. I’ve added an exuberantly blooming azalea and organized my files as best I can. Also, gulp, I have a vision board. 

Missing from this staged photo is the pile of books and magazines I'm a)reading b)going to read or c) have read but need to make note of something I read. And yes, I painted the Cosmo- at one of those places where they serve you wine while you paint so everything is fun and looks great and then they take you over to the jewelry section and you buy stuff you really don't need.

I love my hot pink azalea ($6/Rite-Aid) even if she did try and get all attitudinal on me because I forgot to water her. The ceramic dish is from a local artisan and the fabulous sparkly green box is from my sister-in-law who not only gives great gifts but puts them in boxes that are like a gift themselves. It makes me smile everytime I look at it.

 Vision board photographed with marginal success. Photographs I've taken, old cards from friends, magazine photos, and lots of words.

Do you have a room of your own? Or even just a desk? Or are you of the lucky few who can write anywhere?


Abby said...

I LOVE your space! The pops of color are great accents and quite honestly, a bit inspiring, if only for a smile at their optimism (love flowers.)

As for me, lately I can't write anywhere. Lord help us.

curlygeek04 said...

I'm at the dining room table, and it's piled with bills and other junk. I love your space! It's so organized and cheerful -- hard to pull off both at once.

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