Monday, May 21, 2012

Coral for Spring

Rain has descended on Portland again which I know is no surprise because it is, after all, Portland. I don’t mind it because it makes everything so vibrant and green but what is hard is the fact that it gets cold as well. As the termperature plummets so do my spirits. I’m back to being bundled up in a fleece sweatshirt with socks on. Enchanté.
Anyway, even though my eyes see mostly grey right now in my mind I’m thinking about the colors of spring. And not fashion. Well, fashion but à la Mother Nature. I love coral in fashion and make-up but what strikes me recently is how much of it is out there blooming in nature. I’m sure bright orange-y hued flowers is not a new phenomena but, in the best way possible, it feels like it. Here are some of the wowza colors I’ve been feasting on around town.

1 comment:

Annabelle said...

Beautiful shots!

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