I have a long and checkered past as one of those people who cannot (will not?) learn the lesson Never Say Never (and not just in regards to appearing in James Bond movies to jump start your movie career). Here then is a partial list of various life decisions that were preceded by the staunch belief that I WOULD NEVER:

  • Date a guy who cheated on me
  • Vacation in Florida
  • Leave the house in sweat pants
  • Be foolish enough to mix beer, wine and liquor (it was called my 21st birthday, all right?!)
  • Marry a divorced guy
  • Marry a divorced guy with a kid
  • Marry a divorced guy with a kid who lives in Utah
  • Marry a divorced Mormon guy with a kid who lives in Utah
  • Take any substance that must be injected
  • Join Facebook
  • Write a blog

Apparently, this is one of the greatest life lessons I refuse to learn which means I likely have some really unpleasant experiences ahead of me but that’s the not the point. The point is that another ‘never’ has fallen. I used to believe I had nothing to say but then I joined Facebook and well, that wasn’t so bad. I could post or not and I was able to get back in touch with a lot of old friends even if we didn’t really stay in touch once we’d gotten caught up. Then I was desperate for a creative outlet but didn’t seem to have the wherewithal to channel it into a novel so started a blog. Turns out I still have nothing to say but now I firmly believe everyone needs to know which is why I’ve succumbed to...Twitter. Yes, it’s embarrassing but if you think about it, it’s just an instagram of the blog. More of what’s inside my head but in smaller, more manageable bits. See? I’m just trying to help you out. And really, it’s like the Borg- resistance is futile.

If you’re even remotely interested you have the option to follow me on the right. It’s fashion, books, food, Portland; a dazzling panoply of joy. You’re welcome.


  1. You know I resisted and felt the same way, followed by me joining and then writing a post about it. Now I spew my one-liners and verbal vomit on a regular basis. It's kind of fun, as long as you have fun with it and don't take it seriously. Those people who tell me about "Twitter etiqutte" can just go away. It's something called "Twitter." Not "brain surgery."

    Glad you joined. I'm following, of course. Tweet on!

  2. For a long time, I talked smack about Twitter. Then I joined it. Turns out I like it better than Facebook. Happy tweeting. I'm following you: @adawrites. :D

  3. One day, after reading that some people are too old to blog, I brazenly went and also joined Twitter.
    But I don't have any "followers" - the only two people who've requested to be my "followers" were both porn people!


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